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What are Phone Words?

Phone Words are premium 13, 1300, and 1800 Numbers which are advertised with a word in place of numbers after the prefix. Each letter corresponds to a number on the keypad, for example: 1800 FONEBOX would be keyed in as 1800 366 3269. This serves as a valuable advertising tool as it provides consumers a clear and memorable link to your organisation, product, or service. Further, they provide brand identity across multiple marketing channels – leading to increased consumer engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, and ultimately, ROI. Your customers only need to recall your business’s Phone Word and prefix, as opposed to a series of numbers – you tell us which one is easier! If you want to get ahead of the competition and be top of mind for your consumers – get a Phone Word.

What if I want a longer Phone Word? No Problem – we can 1300 and 1800 Phone Words with up to 10 letters, and 13 Phone Words with up to 8 letters.

Getting a Phone Word is simple – give us a call on 1800 FONEBOX and we’ll work with you to develop a Phone Word right for your business.

Who Are Phone Words Ideal for?

All sized businesses who want their phone number to be a powerful call to action.

Benefits of Phone Words

 Valuable advertising tool, as it is a strong call to action

 Provides consumers a clear memorable link to your organisation

 Phone Words are premium numbers

Access to free 24/7 customer service

 Gain access to free and valuable inbound call analytics

 No additional hardware required

 Easy to set up

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Get more out of your Phone Word

Phone Answering

Phone Answering

Our Brisbane based Phone Answering Service allows you to direct some or all of your incoming calls to our local and professional Virtual Receptionists.



Free Analytics

Free Analytics

Reporting provides call-based information relating to everything from unanswered calls and call recordings, to your billing and account payment history.



Call Routing

Call Routing

Our Call Routing Suite connects your customers quickly and accurately to the right answer point, ensuring a positive customer experience.



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