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Phone Answering Service

From basic phone answering services to complex platform integrations, we’ll help you connect with your customers 24 hours a day.

Realise the possibilities

We offer your company a comprehensive phone answering service you can tailor to suit your business needs. Options include a basic answering service that ensures that your customers can speak with a real person 24/7, through to complex platform integrations including call routing and dedicated phone agents who can process sales and convert your leads over the phone. Whether you’re a small business looking to generate a national brand presence or in need of expert customer care from a dedicate team of service professionals, we have the solution that you need to look after you customers, get the most value from your telco services and receive in-depth insights into your customer experiences and the effectiveness of your most recent campaigns.

There is really no limit to what we can achieve as your provider but to help you understand the various phone answering services that we offer; we’ve broken our call centre services down into three easy-to-understand categories. The first is our basic phone messaging service.

A live phone answering service your customers can used 24/7 helps offer them a human connection. Our expert customer service officers are friendly and located in our Brisbane-based call centre. They will take accurate caller details and messages and forward them through either SMS or email. We offer transparent, web-based reporting using our proprietary software, Orbit, which offers you detailed analytics regarding your phone messaging service.

The next level up in our corporate services is our receptionist service. You receive all of the benefits of our basic telephone answering service with the added benefits of call routing to your desired contacts, the use of customised scripts helping to reinforce your brand messaging and your live operator is able to answer FAQs as well as provide specific business details to your clients and customers. You can use a receptionist service to capture after hours phone calls or during business hours as well. We’ll act as your virtual office using a professional receptionist who captures all of your calls for you to action immediately or follow up when you or another agent in your business is available. You set the rules and customise our services to suit. This package is especially good for businesses and agents who work in remote areas or who operate a 24/7 business.

Our final offering is a comprehensive phone agent with platform integrations. This option is completely customisable based on what you need your phone answering service to do for you. You receive all of the benefits described in our basic and phone receptionist answering service with the additional benefits of appointment booking in real time, processing phone payments or other sales processing, located-based information for your clients and customers, roster management for your personnel, lone work monitoring for at-risk workers and a far more personalised operator more intimately aware of your business and the support they can offer your customers on your behalf.

All of our phone answering service options will ensure that we answer your calls using a real person from our team locally based within Australia and available to cover the full 24-hour day every day of the year. You can customise your call answering scripts and messages, updating them when there are changes to your brand or information. Our answering service can manage all of your phone calls or you can use us for overflow calls during busy periods or low staffed offices and branches. Our call tracking and call reporting facilities offer you in-depth analytics in easy-to-understand reports you can use to gain relevant insights into your customer performance and the journey every customer embarks on when they call your number. We can seamlessly integrate with your CRM functionality and we can take on your outbound calls as well, speaking with your customers on your behalf to book appointments and assist customers when they call to buy your products or purchase your services.

Our reporting tools help you to measure the efficacy of your latest marketing campaign and we have a host of intuitive call forwarding and call transfers systems that your business can use to redirect your calls whenever you need. Choose any of our virtual phone number options, offering you a local number to help you target specific audiences, or our national 13 Numbers1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers. If you’re interested in building a national brand awareness and memorable number your customers will quickly use as their go-to service provider, consider choose your number using phone words.

Phone messaging service

Free up your time and let us take care of the calls.

Benefits include:

Receptionist service

Take your customer service to the next level.

Benefits include everything in the Phone Messaging service PLUS:

Phone agent with platform integrations

This option is a fully customisable phone answering service for all of your inbound call requirements.

Benefits include all the features in our other options PLUS:

How it works

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24/7 Australian Based

Our operators and call centre are based in Brisbane, Australia. Our services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Fully Customisable

Our call answering scripts and message details are fully customisable, allow you to maintain your brand integrity.

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Full range of services

With our complete range of live answering services we can cater for almost any business need.

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Performance Reporting

Capitalise on your customer information captured by your Phone Answering service through Orbit, a revolutionary tool for improved Customer Service.

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Systems Integration

Seamlessly add CRM functionality into your Phone Answering service.

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Outbound Capable

Inbound or Outbound, we do it all. We'll call your customers so that you can spend time on the things that matter most to your business.

The Fonebox difference

At Fonebox, we know exactly how to optimise phone-based services to show you where opportunities exist in your business. We don’t just handle your calls – we work with you to deliver the best customer experience possible

Unified Systems

Our systems fully integrate with your platforms to create seamless workflows and better results.

Unified Teams

When you call us, you’ll always talk to someone who cares. All our teams are located under the one roof, which means we can deliver time-critical services that make a difference.

Unified Reporting

Discover whole new insights and opportunities with our Orbit platform.

Orbit expertly manages your inbound numbers, call routing and call management centres, while giving you complete visibility over customer interaction and results.

Assess, adapt, achieve

Whether you’re a large enterprise, SME or somewhere in between, Fonebox can seamlessly adapt to your business needs – no matter how complex the solution might appear. We’ll act as a true extension of your business, boosting your brand value and performance in the most cost-effective way possible. Plus you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is being well represented and expertly looked after.

How much does a phone answering service cost?

We are the trusted provider for thousands of clients all over Australia. Not only do we offer cutting-edge platforms and seamless integrations, we also maintain the best possible rates that we can ensuring your that phone answering service remains as cost-effective and value adding as possible. We have been honing and crafting our telecommunications expertise and facilities to offer our clients unified systems, a single location for our solution teams that you can call 24/7 and relevant analytics reporting using a single system that offers clear and readable data you can use immediately.

To find out more about any of our answering service packages or to learn how we can design the best bespoke solution for your business, contact a consultant today. We’ll take you through our prices and how we charge, proving that our rates are the most reasonable.



We tailor our Phone Answering solution by your business requirements. Are you missing calls throughout the day, but don’t want your customers hitting your voicemail? Then the Phone Messaging service is for you. Do you need a team to answer and resolve queries over the phone when you can’t? Our Phone Reception service is up for the role. Are you not scheduling enough appointments with customers because you’re missing your calls? That won’t happen again with our Phone Agent service, consider your appointment calendar booked out!


Our Brisbane-based team provide the highest standard of customer service in the industry – why? Because our Phone Answering Service is local, which provides a ‘real feel’. We empower our team to provide the very best service for your business, because after all, your business is our business.


Your calls are our business. Remember, to customers, your Phone Answering service is inseparable from your product and service delivery. Fonebox sets the industry benchmark for quality and professionalism, this is why we have never, and will never offshore our Call Centre from Australia.


The short answer is, no. Our Phone Answering service is tailor made to suit your business, from the greeting, right down to the close. Do you need a team to collect specific customer details, specific to your business? Consider it done. Do you need our team to book appointments in your calendar? You got it. Do you need a service that compliments and is integral to your business’s brand? You need Fonebox’s Phone Answering service.


We understand your business is changing, which is why we like to adapt. If you need more from your Phone Answering service, Fonebox is happy to discuss upgrading your service. We’re always up to the challenge, which puts the power back in your hands. It’s your Phone Answering service, and you can customise it any which way you’d like.

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