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Reach more customers and boost your sales. Secure a new number or migrate an existing number to our complete inbound solution – Fonebox provides an end to end solution delivering more than other suppliers can dream of.

More than just a number.

Discover inbound excellence.

we don’t just offer inbound numbers, we deliver inbound solutions. Solutions that will help take your business to the next level.

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Inbound Excellence

Experienced people. Innovative Solutions. Amazing insight.

Whether you need 13, 1300, 1800 or local virtual numbers, we help you unlock their true potential with market-leading call routing, complex call handling configurations and industry-leading analytics and reporting – all unique to Fonebox. Our expert approach to inbound numbers delivers unique solutions which uncover previously unimaginable opportunities.

We don’t just provide a vehicle and hand you the wheel. We get in cockpit with you after expertly tuning the engine for the specific challenge ahead. We deliver a dramatic increase in business horsepower and offer engineering excellence which enhances your knowledge of the track and harnesses your business driving ability. Then we analyse what’s working and what’s not, in order to rapidly adjust to changing business conditions.

Adding layers of value is all part of our service. It’s also where we really excel. Our Brisbane-based team boasts a wealth of varied experience, and they work collaboratively to deliver cohesive, complete and elegant solutions that actually meet your business needs.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our consultative approach.

Even if you’re already using one or more inbound numbers, we can seamlessly migrate your services to our industry-leading platform. You’ll then enjoy the same amazing support and reporting we offer all our clients, and gain the opportunity to expand your inbound services to become a high-powered business driver. Our infrastructure, technology, services and expertise combine to dramatically evolve your inbound offering.

Types of inbound numbers

1300 Numbers

Broaden your reach through a single memorable point of contact

Ideal for:

Businesses with national coverage

1800 Numbers

Encourage customers using landlines to call you direct at no charge

Ideal for:

Businesses with multiple locations or departments

13 Numbers

Boost customer recall and brand awareness

Ideal for:

Businesses with large call volumes

Phone Words

Cut through competition by combining your recognised industry key term to help recall and connection with your customers

Ideal for:

Businesses running regular advertising campaigns or undertaking branding across the organisation

International Numbers

Strengthen your brand by adding global reach

Ideal for:

Businesses with overseas connections

Local Virtual Numbers

Localise your offering and grow your national client base

Ideal for:

Businesses seeking to attract a national audience while capitalising on local loyalty

Types of inbound numbers

Simple. Memorable. Brilliant

A catchy Phone Word can leave a lasting impression. So it’s important to get things right the first time.

We’ll work with you to select a Phone Word that:

All the best relationships are built on a foundation of openness and trust. With Fonebox, you own the rights to your phone word number, so you’re guaranteed it will never be held to ransom. (Yes, some providers do that!) You’ll never be at risk of losing your brand investment, even if you decide to switch providers later on down the track.

1300 Panda

1300 72632

1800 Beauty

1800 232889

13 Bus

13 28964

Experience tells us we get it done.

You’ll only find experts at Fonebox.
We have a history of solving complex requests when others don’t know where to start.


We’ll take you on a journey to realise your full business potential.

Cost savings

Our solutions save you time and money. Not only do we deliver the industry’s most cost-efficient enterprise-ready services, we also help you identify efficiencies and smarter ways to do business. We help you solve your problems – even the most complex ones – give you deep insights which increase ROI on your marketing spend.

No more missed opportunities

Is your provider able to meet and exceed your expectations? Do you ever feel like there must be a better solution for your customers, or that the technology is letting you down? Are you concerned about performance and transparency, or unexpected bills? With Fonebox, you can have it all. Thanks to our industry-leading solutions, lost calls and disappointed customers will become a thing of the past.

Happy customers

Above all, we’re very good at what we do, and we genuinely care. We keep you happy, so you can keep your customers happy.


Specialised staff. Innovative solutions. Intelligent reports. It’s really quite a simple formula that achieves amazing results. As a new customer, you’ll notice the Fonebox difference immediately.

Our workflows

Our phone answering services are closely integrated with our inbound solutions. So you get one smooth, efficient machine.

Our platform

Our intelligent back-end, Orbit, is equipped to handle scale, yet offers unique functionality intricate enough to cater for niche businesses.

Our experts

Solution architects, account managers, development teams – all under the one roof.


Every business challenge is different, so we work hard to build customised solutions for your business. With Fonebox, you’ll find there is no such thing as impossible.

Customer advocacy

We’ll help you deliver customer experiences that lead to lasting impressions.

Data done right

Intelligent data and analysis. Eliminate blind spots and access data you can action immediately.

Smart solutions for smart companies

We think outside boundaries that constrain others, and provide a tailored solution for your business – enabling you to go above and beyond for your customers.

Case studies

Switch to Fonebox

Hassle Free Porting & Migration.

We will beat any inbound rate. If you think your current provider is charging too much, they probably are. Speak to our team to see how much we could be saving you.

We’ve been working with Australia’s biggest and best brands for over 10 years. We know why it matters when your customers call. Let our expertise guide you to connecting with your customers.

Your customers are calling, but will their call be answered? Transform your customer service into a 24/7 operation; your business is our business, and we’ll always be available to take the call.

Fonebox’s industry experts will design an intelligent call flow system tailored to suit your businesses needs. We can automate call routing according to preset rules that suit your workflow, with the flexibility to change when needed.

We work with small businesses, growing business, and Australia’s biggest businesses. Let our experts tailor a solution specific to you; our call routing features work for businesses of all sizes.

Ready to switch to Fonebox?

What our customers are saying

Inbound intelligence

Powered by Orbit. Realise countless opportunities.

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Routing Intelligence

We use real time, predictive routing decisions to connect the needs of a caller with the right resources.

Choose from a host of call routing options such as pre-set call menus, postcode prompting, exchange-based routing, call forwarding and more. Unlock true routing intelligence by combining options, or let us build your ideal call routing solution.

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Data driven Intelligence

Data doesn’t lie – and smart data speaks the greatest truth of all. Make strategic business decisions, manage inbound calls and confirm phone answering requirements using our highly advanced reporting platform. Use key insights from this data to calculate your marketing ROI and next steps.
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Caller Intelligence

Receive alerts for missed call, call recordings, as well as caller ID and other information you need better understand your customers and increase revenue. By knowing the reasons for success, you can replicate and scale your processes using our intelligent solutions. Market leading capabilities that deliver complete control over your calls.


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