Price Beat Guarantee: we’ll beat any inbound rate

At Fonebox we pride ourselves on offering our Price Beat Guarantee. This means you can join with Fonebox with confidence.

Terms and Conditions

In order for a plan to be considered comparable it must be:

  • Currently available, in Australian Dollars, and offered online within Australia.
  • Offered on an Australian Website, operated by an Australian Organisation, in English.
  • Delivered, serviced, and/or managed in Australia.
  • Goods and Services Tax exclusive.
  • Additional fees and charges inclusive.
  • Verifiable by Fonebox as a comparable product.
  • Only applies to a minimum monthly plan value of $200.

In order for a plan to be considered comparable it must not be:

  • A VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) product or service.
  • A bundled, packaged, or grouped product or services.
  • A conditional offers e.g. cash back, bonuses, sales, etc.
  • An advertising error (either ours or competitors).
  • A special event, membership, club offers, wholesale, resale, or any offer not available to the general public.
  • Delivered, serviced, and/or managed overseas.


Fonebox’s Price Beat Guarantee does not extend to Phone Answering Products/Services, including: Basic Phone Messaging, Standard Phone Receptionist, Premium Phone Agent, and Lone Worker Monitoring.

Fonebox’s Price Beat Guarantee does not extend below the cost of delivering our products and services. If Fonebox is unable to beat the price of a comparable plan due to the aforementioned you are entitled to (i) be informed and (ii) offered the best price possible for the comparable item.

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