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Calling is one of the most interactive and rich ways consumers connect with your business, you’ve got to get it right the first time. Our Services Suite provides your business the tools to give your customers the best possible experience.

Which Services Are Right for Your Business?

Fonebox’s Services Suite is designed to provide your customers the best call experience possible – every customer-facing organisation can benefit from our industry leading suite. Check out our Services Suite to see how your business can benefit.

What is Call Whisper?

If you have more than one Inbound Number being routed to a single answer point, Call Whisper will let you know which number each of your callers has dialled. This is particularly useful if you’re running a marketing campaign or if you’re routing more than one businesses calls to the same answer point.

How Does Call Whisper Work?

The member of your team answering the call will hear a short message such as “This call is from the television campaign inbound number” before the call is connected, so your team member can give the appropriate greeting to each caller. Each Call Whisper message is completely customisable; simply nominate the message you’d like for each Inbound Number, and we’ll do the rest.

Benefits of Call Whisper

 Provides store managers and franchisees with front line visibility to campaign success

 Enables team members to engage or pick up on specific sales cues related to specific campaigns

 Enables team members to quickly ascertain the nature of the incoming call to quickly and correctly answer your customers’ enquiries

What is Call Recording?

Call Recording allows you to record your incoming calls from selected Inbound Numbers. This service provides quality assurance and is an invaluable tool for continually improving your customer service.

Our Call Recording software automatically records your inbound calls and allows you to review or download them later via our Reporting Platform. These recordings are indispensable for staff training as well as providing an avenue to identify areas for improvement in your service and communication processes.

How Does Call Recording Work?

Once the call is connected the caller is notified of call recording then the call is recorded. Recordings are available for review and download via the Fonebox Reporting Platform.

Benefits of Call Recording

 Build training and review processes on real client interactions

 Managers and Franchisees can access their own recordings to review at any time

 Gain insight into the quality of leads for a particular marketing campaign

What is Voice to Email?

Voice to Email is a handy service. If you have Local Virtual Numbers – or any Fonebox hosted Inbound Number – it allows you to receive and share voice messages without a handset! This service also includes Fax to Email – you’ll receive faxes without the need to buy and host a traditional fax machine.

How Does Voice to Email Work?

If you miss a call on your Fonebox hosted Inbound Number, you’ll receive an email with an mp3 file attached containing your missed call voice message. Similarly, if you receive a fax on your inbound line our software will automatically convert it into a pdf file and will send it to your nominated email address.

What is Call Notification?

Call Notification is an alert feature for your Inbound Numbers. For each inbound call you miss, a message is sent to you via email or SMS notifying you of the call, including the time of the call and the caller’s phone number. Call Notification is particularly useful if you’re unable to take calls on jobs, or after hours.

How Does Call Notification Work?

Supply your, hours of operation, and nominate to have your Call Notifications sent via email or SMS – we’ll handle the rest.

Take Advantage of Fonebox’s Inbound Services

13 Number

13 Number

13 Numbers are a powerful marketing tool as they’re more memorable, which allow you to more effectively broaden the reach of your business.



1300 Number

1300 Number

1300 Numbers show your callers you’re more than just a local business, broadening your reach of, while providing a single point of contact.




1800 Number

1800 Number

1800 Numbers are free for the caller when dialled from landlines; they encourage and reward consumers for making contact with your business.




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