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What is Dynamic Call Tracking?

Dynamic Call Tracking better allows you to track the click-to-call conversion rate of separate digital advertising channels. It allows you to understand what marketing activities drive inbound calls. This allows digital marketers to drive revenue by optimising marketing campaigns and on-page content. Resulting in more inbound phone calls for your business.


If you want consumers to call your business after visiting your site, you should be using Dynamic Call Tracking.

How Does Dynamic Call Tracking Work?

Software replaces all static inbound numbers with a Dynamic Number on your site. When a caller contacts your business as a result of visiting your site, software tracks the phone call and captures both the site and call data, including: ad clicked, keyword searched, or the referring site, amongst other data. The number is displayed using JavaScript, ensuring search engines don’t crawl your Dynamic Numbers.

By using Fonebox’s Dynamic Call Tracking Solution you gain full visibility through:

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Flexible, customisable, and data-rich reporting
  • Complete Search Engine Marketing (SEM) keyword data
  • Real-time accuracy

Our Dynamic Reporting Platform integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, which means we offer the most accurate and fastest goal reporting on the market.

What Are Dynamic Numbers?

Dynamic Numbers are a group of inbound numbers assigned to your website. The system of assigning these inbound numbers to unique site visitors and collecting data is called Dynamic Call Tracking.

Benefits of Dynamic Call Tracking

Understand what digital marketing are driving inbound calls, including: ad clicked, keyword searched, or the referring site, amongst other data.

Optimise marketing campaigns and on-page content

Receive more inbound calls


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Get more out of Dynamic Call Tracking

Phone Answering

Phone Answering

Our Brisbane based Phone Answering Service allows you to direct some or all of your incoming calls to our local and professional Virtual Receptionists.



Free Analytics

Free Analytics

Reporting provides call-based information relating to everything from unanswered calls and call recordings, to your billing and account payment history.



Call Routing

Call Routing

Call Routing effectively and efficiently directs each of your incoming calls through to the correct destination as specified by you.



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